Diligent’s nimble and highly-integrated technology strategy has been designed with one goal in mind: to support our clients’ communication, data-tracking, and reporting needs.

We’re not burdened with hardware-intensive legacy systems, and have chosen to implement our key technology services in the cloud. Cloud-based services are more secure, reliable, and economical than on-premise systems; they are also more flexible and allow for quicker scaling to meet our clients’ needs.

Diligent has partnered with technology innovators that share our passion for creating the best and most efficient customer experience for all voice, video, and digital communication channels.

We also offer validated, data-driven CRM platforms to maximize our clients’ interactions with all stakeholders, including patients, caretakers, health care professionals, payers and healthcare institutions.

Additionally, we conduct an annual evaluation of our technology solutions to ensure that they continue to fully meet the evolving needs of our clients.


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Medical Information

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Patient Engagement

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