Commercial Services

Pharma HUB Services

Pharma HUB services provide patients with a single point of contact for complex treatment protocols or those that require additional support to be successful. Diligent offers a full suite of reimbursement support services to drug manufacturers and medical device companies, including;

  • Patient Intake/Onboarding. Initiation of intake service via phone, fax, or online tools.
  • Verification of Benefits. Data provided during the intake process is used to verify patient eligibility for the prescribed therapy.
  • Prior Authorization. Facilitating the validation of medical necessity if required to qualify for the patient to qualify for coverage.
  • Helping patients with the appeal process in the event of a Prior Authorization denial.
  • Copayment Assistance. Facilitating access to copayment assistance offered by the manufacturer to help with the cost of therapy.
  • Patient Assistance Programs. Facilitating access to manufacturer-sponsored Patient Assistance Programs that provide therapy at low or no cost.

Diligent also offers Patient Education Programs as part of its pharma HUB services, which connect patients with a Diligent Nurse Case Manager through a multi-channel approach. These programs assist with establishing patients on therapy and, through ongoing engagement, help drive long-term adherence.

Additional Commercial Services