Behavior-based Communication Improves Patient Outcomes

2021-01-26T13:38:50+00:00January, 2021|

The importance of medication adherence is widely understood by health care professionals and the general populace. Nonadherence is linked to poor health outcomes, including a decreased quality-of-life, disease progression, and increased hospitalizations. However, research has demonstrated that somewhere between 25% and 50% of patients internationally may be nonadherent to prescribed
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Rare Diseases: Building Long Term Relationships

2020-10-16T11:40:55+00:00October, 2020|

It is widely recognized that people living with a rare disease have significant obstacles on their path to the right treatment. The diagnosis process is often slow as more common diseases are “ruled out” one by one. Once a rare disease is diagnosed, informational and other resources are often limited,
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The California Consumer Privacy Act: Implications for Biopharma

2020-05-26T19:17:05+00:00May, 2020|

Diligent Health Solutions devotes time and attention to staying current on legislation affecting the Life Sciences industry. As a provider of Communications Center services for biopharma companies, we are keenly aware of how new or revised legislation can impact the work we perform on behalf of our clients. We recently
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Challenging Times & Solutions for Medical Device Industry

2020-04-10T20:04:53+00:00April, 2020|

One of the many changes COVID-19 will have on the industry is the increased difficulty of introducing new products to HCP and consumer audiences. It will be particularly difficult for the medical device market. Let’s look at some of the changes that have occurred during this pandemic. A decline in
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A Nurse in the Palm of Your Hand

2019-03-13T23:01:03+00:00March, 2019|

The 2018 Gallup Poll reported, for the 17th consecutive year, nursing is viewed by the American public as the occupation with the highest degree of honesty and ethical standards.  The biopharmaceutical industry has long valued nurses as an important resource for consumer questions, and to provide education and support.
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