Philosophy & Culture

Diligent’s philosophy and culture can be stated in five simple words: “Do the right thing, always.

We do the right thing when communicating with patients, caregivers, and health care professionals.
We do the right thing in our client partnerships, from initial consultation to strategic implementation to daily operations.

And we do the right thing by each other.

We talk candidly and constructively, we support initiative and out-of-the-box thinking, and we put a high value on smiles and workplace enjoyment.

We know that happy and engaged team members are wired for excellence and provide consistently exceptional service.


Mary Anne Greenberg, CEO

Always passionate about healthcare, Mary Anne has held senior leadership positions in the pharma services industry for almost twenty years. In 2000, Mary Anne became the CEO & Owner of Alliance Healthcare Information, an HCP-staffed contact center supporting the communication needs of pharmaceutical and biotech clients by providing product and disease state information to prescribers and patients.

When Alliance was acquired by the UK-based United Drug in 2007 and rebranded as Ashfield, Mary Anne took on the role of President, North America, with responsibility for all of Ashfield’s medical and commercial service companies in the United States and Canada. Under her decade-long leadership, Ashfield achieved unprecedented growth in both scope and revenue. Mary Anne’s “do the right thing” philosophy and her commitment to providing clients with an unsurpassed level of attention has underscored her success throughout her career. As CEO of Diligent, she has created a company that blends industry best practices, subject matter expertise, technological innovation, and a sense of restless dissatisfaction to design and enact solutions that far exceed client expectations.

Mary Anne lives in Princeton with her husband, Don. She is active in the community, fundraising for local charities and teaching business skills to disadvantaged young men and women in Mercer County, New Jersey.

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Ron Abel, CFO

Ron has worked in pharma services since 1989, when he joined Telerx, a pioneer in contact center-based healthcare communications. A CPA, Ron’s first role at Telerx was VP of Finance; he soon added responsibility for all operational areas. With a focus on high-touch customized solutions, client satisfaction, and client retention, Telerx grew exponentially under his vision and leadership.

In 2011, Ron purchased WRB Communications. As President, he expanded WRB’s medical information and commercial services while creating a client-centric culture. Customizing solutions to meet clients’ business objectives became WRB ‘s mission and client satisfaction became its measure of success.

Under this philosophy, WRB grew significantly year-to-year until its sale to Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy in 2017.

Ron is excited to partner with Mary Anne Greenberg at Diligent Health Solutions to provide agile and innovative services that put clients’ interests at the forefront. With 50 years of combined experience, Mary Anne and Ron will attract the best people, build the best processes, and use best technology to deliver services that fully meet their clients’ business objectives.

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Susan Beach, Vice President, Business Development

Susan has over twenty years of experience collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies to craft solutions to meet their business goals. She has deployed and led sales teams ranging in size from 10 to 1300, has devised and implemented direct-to-practitioner marketing logistics and support programs, and has designed and directed contact center-based pharmaceutical initiatives within the commercial, patient support and medical affairs arena. Over her career, Susan has held senior leadership and business development roles for vendor-side companies such as Pharmagistics (later acquired by Publicis and Knipper), WRB Communications, and Ashfield, a division of UK-based United Drug.

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Maria Canfield

Maria has over 30 years of operational management experience, primarily in companies providing outsourced contact center services to the pharma and medical device industries.

Her senior leadership roles include Vice President & General Manager of Client Operations, Telerx(now C3i); Health Assistance Center Site Director, Accolade; and Medical Call Center Vice President, Ashfield. Maria is also a published writer of dozens of health-related stories for
newspapers and magazines.

Denise Dixon

Denise has nearly 20 years of senior-level leadership experience in healthcare contact centers, partnering with clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries to meet their strategic communication needs.

As Sr. Vice President, Client Solutions at WRB Communications (now EnvoyHealth), Denise ensured success by keenly listening to clients’ goals and objectives and working with her team to provide innovative and impactful solutions. At Diligent, Denise continues her focus on exceeding client expectations through a deep understanding of their desired outcomes and effectively leveraging Diligent’s expertise and resources.

Lisa Petrocelli

With 25+ years of progressive leadership experience, Lisa brings a wealth of human resource and people development expertise to Diligent. Previously, Lisa served as Director of Human Resources at Vortala, a global digital marketing company where she created a full-service human resources department from the ground up.

Lisa’s experience spans a variety of industries including healthcare, pharma, travel, and consumer affairs.

Gloryanne Quinn

Gloryanne, a Registered Nurse, has many years of experience in hospital settings, both as a clinician and Nurse Manager. Prior to joining Diligent, Gloryanne spent over a dozen years at Ashfield, a provider of outsourced contact center services.

She held a number of key roles in contact center operations; her responsibilities included managing and developing staff, creating and delivering training modules, and conducting and tracking the effectiveness of quality assurance reviews.

Subject Matter Expert Consultants

Irene Infanti

Irene Infanti, RN, MSN

Irene is an independent biopharmaceutical industry consultant whose career spans over thirty years in the areas of drug safety, medical information, patient assistance, and healthcare contact center management.

Prior to becoming a fulltime consultant, Irene was the Director, Medical Information Center for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a member of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. In that role, she had responsibility for the management of multiple J&J healthcare contact centers, ensuring that patients, caregivers, and HCPs received excellent service delivered in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Irene’s deep experience and industry knowledge is of great value to Diligent and our clients.

Robert Flannelly

Bob is a founding partner of Dischargers LLC, a coordinated network of clinical pharmacists dedicated to the prevention of unnecessary hospital re-admissions. He is also an independent consultant, working with specialty pharmacies and small pharmaceutical companies to help improve processes and efficiencies. Bob has worked as a hospital pharmacist, pharmaceutical sales rep, and sales manager; he also has extensive experience developing and implementing complex tele-detailing strategies. With his broad-based knowledge and expertise, Bob is a valuable resource to Diligent and our clients.

Laura Plantz, PharmD

With over twenty years of Medical Information and Drug Safety experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Laura brings a wealth of FDA-regulatory knowledge to Diligent. In her leadership roles, she directed the business processes and technology involved in domestic and international adverse event reporting.

She also managed projects that evaluated and analyzed adverse event information and related documents in support of New Drug Applications (NDAs) and NDA safety updates.

Areas of Expertise

Diligent’s successful delivery of solutions and services is built on a foundation of extensive knowledge and experience. Our expert capabilities include:

  • Providing second-to-none account management.
    Our tried-and-true project management methodologies and laser-focus on our clients’ spoken and unspoken needs ensure well-conceived and well-executed programs and services.
  • Creating and delivering comprehensive front-line training programs.
    In addition to in-depth program-specific training, we understand the critical importance of providing our Specialists with strong foundational knowledge about the industries they serve.
  • Developing audit-ready processes.
    Through the creation of and compliance with robust Standard Operating Procedures, we are always in a high state of preparedness for audits conducted by regulatory agencies and our clients’ internal auditors.
  • Understanding the shifting landscape faced by life sciences companies.
    We keep current on the trends that impact life science companies, including patient-centric models, the value of innovative partnerships, and the changing regulatory environment.
  • Implementing communication-enhancing technologies.
    Our multi-channel communication capabilities give patients, caregivers, and health care professionals flexibility in how they communicate with our Specialists on any issue at any given point in time.
  • Creating and nurturing a healthy company culture.
    We have created an environment in which our team members’ intrinsic motivators—those that are driven by wanting to do the right thing—can take root and thrive.

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